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Methodology and Supporting Documents

The PACTA for Investors Methodology allows users to perform climate scenario analysis on investment portfolios.

PACTA compares what needs to happen in sectoral decarbonization pathways, here referred to as “climate scenarios”, with financial actors’ exposures to companies in climate-relevant sectors. PACTA provides a five-year forward-looking, bottom-up analysis. It looks at the investment and production plans of companies, which are in turn based on physical asset-based company-level data, and consolidates that information to identify the energy transition profile of the companies and their related financial instruments. This information is aggregated at the portfolio level and compared to the production plans projected in different climate scenarios. The (mis-) alignment between the portfolio and these scenarios allows users to infer on the potential exposure to transition risks and opportunities.

Please refer to the PACTA for Investors methodology document for more detailed information about the rationale behind the assessment.

Users wishing to provide feedback about the methodology or the tool, are encouraged to contact RMI via

PACTA for Investors Methodology Document


Supporting Documents

P4I Scenario Supporting Document


Guide No.1: P4I Portfolio Data Preparation and Report Generation


Knowledge Hub

For more information about the PACTA methodology please refer to the Knowledge Hub.

PACTA Knowledge Hub