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Software Downloads & Data

Software Downloads

The R code underlying the PACTA tool for equity and corporate bond portfolios can be inspected on GitHub here.

Please note that while the methodology is available for anyone to apply, data licensing means we are not able to share the underlying asset-based company data (ABCD) and financial data that underpins the tool. If you are interesting in obtaining the necessary data, please contact our data provider Asset Impact at


The PACTA for Investors Data Set is provided by Asset Impact. The model sources, where possible, forward-looking asset-based Company data (ABCD) for key technologies (e.g. future production plans) in order to provide geography-specific assessments for climate relevant sectors mapped to the company level. It thus bypasses wherever possible backward-looking, corporate level reporting, although such reporting can be used for validating forward – looking parameters (e.g. GHG emissions). For more information about the data sources for each sector, please contact Asset Impact